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At WestView we value professionalism, integrity and excellence in business and believe professionals who exemplify these traits should be known to our clients.  The leaders featured in this section are some of the top in their fields who offers services that your organization may require as you grow.


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Our Current Leader In Business:
Deena Chochinov

For over 20 years, Deena has worked as a consultant, coach and counsellor with people and organizations seeking meaningful change. Trained by world-renowned leaders in the fields of psychology and organizational development—including Virginia Satir and William Bridges—she draws from a broad repertoire of skills to produce sustainable outcomes for each client.

Most recently, Deena has blended her training and experience in family counselling and management consulting to serve the unique needs of family enterprises. Her rare skill set enables her to strengthen family businesses on a strategic level, while ensuring that healthy interpersonal dynamics support a firm’s continuity and prosperity. Deena is a graduate of the FEA Program at the UBC Sauder School of Business and has earned the official designation of FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISORTM, as awarded by the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors (IFEA).

In addition to family enterprises, Deena’s consulting clients include socially responsible businesses as well as nonprofit and public sector organizations. Within her practice, she coaches executives and their leadership teams with a focus on emotional intelligence, organization strategy, human resources and change and transition management. She then works with leaders to design and facilitate strategic, organization-wide initiatives that enable them to achieve their goals.

Deena excels at uncovering organizational, team, family and individual blocks, while providing simple and effective tools for moving issues forward. From leadership and decision making, to team effectiveness and conflict resolution, she will help move your organization from good to great.

Deena is also a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a private practice in Vancouver, Canada. She works with individuals, couples and families and uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to help clients find the balance and well-being they desire. Deena has a Master’s in Counselling Psychology from the University of Manitoba and a Post-Master’s in Family Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Child Guid- ance Clinic. She is a member of IFEA, the BC Human Resources Management Association and the BC OD Network, and is certified to use a wide range of psycho-educational and organizational development tools.


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